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Guidelines, Health Regulations & Stalling Information


 Registration is Open 

This is an AOA certified show and will strictly follow all rules in the most current Show Division Handbook plus all addendums. All classes will be combined or divided according to the Current AOA Show System Handbook.

NEW FOR 2016: Also acceptable are alpacas identified with microchip embedded, official USDA approved ear tags. In situations where the number cannot be detected by scanning, this same microchip number is located on the back button of the ear tag and is acceptable for show entry so long as it matches the number stated on the CVI. 

It is the responsibility of the owner of every alpaca entering the venue of an AOA Certified Show to submit a copy or photocopy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) to the Show Superintendent. That CVI shall include each alpaca’s name, microchip ID number, location of that microchip, and BVDV information as noted in Section 3.D below. The owner shall also provide any additional transportation certificates to meet the host state requirements . The Show Superintendent shall maintain the copy or photocopy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) as part of the permanent records of the show. 


  • All alpacas entered in and present at the show must be AOA registered before they can be shown or on the venue, and a copy of the valid AOA certificate for all animals/fleeces is required to be sent with the entry form. All alpacas entered in the show or present at the venue will be checked for microchip identification and health certificates. Our reader is an Avid universal. If your chips will not register on that, you are responsible for providing a reader compatible with your particular chips.
  • All exhibitors entering animals in the halter show must fill out the Mandatory Exhibitor Disclosure statement and submit a copy to the Halter Superintendent along with payment. The link to the form is on the show website.  
  • All alpacas must be entered in the name/owner/entity as listed on the AOA Registration Certificate or Owner of Record Form (which must be signed by the owner listed on the AOA Registration Certificate.)
  • Carefully color check each animal by parting the fiber at mid-side and use the AOA color chart to determine the correct color by checking closest to the skin and by using the Color Definitions as found in the most recent AOA Show Division Handbook and Addendums. The handbook and addendums will take precedence.
  • Entries made in the Get of Sire and Produce of Dam classes are entered in the name of the Sire or Dam. These alpacas are also required to pay a $35 per entry fee.
  • Halter Entry fees are $55 per entry. (No late fees this year, but please register as soon as possible to secure stalling and showbook entry)
  • For questions contact Peg Stephens at 812-989-9757 or

Health Regulations

  1. All animals brought to the Southern Select Alpaca Show (on display or entered in the show) are required to have a general health certificate from your vet within 30 days of the last day of the show if you come from a Class A state (brucellosis and TB free). If your state is not considered Class A, you are required to have a Brucellosis test within 30 days of the show and a TB test within 60 days of the show as well as a general health certificate from your vet within 30 days of the last day of the show.
  2. Proof of a negative BVD test (by PCR or VI (VI accepted if completed prior to 1/1/10)) on animals entering the show grounds is required. Please call Peg Stephens for questions, 812-989-9757.
  3. The alpaca's name, negative BVD by PCR test results, and microchip number must be indicated on the CVI.
  4. Bring a copy of your CVI to give to the Show Superintendent to keep with their show records.

Stalling and Bedding information

Stalls are 10x10 panel stalling.  3 adults or 4 juvies per stall maximum.  A clear plastic will be taped to the cement floor as per venue rules.  Cardboard bedding will be provided with each stall, you may purchse extra bedding online during registration. It is suggested to use show mats(not provided) taped to the plastic for better footing. 

  • Companion animals will be allowed if they are ARI registered, meet all health requirements, and are BVD negative by PCR or VI.\
  • Alpaca Stalling is $215.00 per stall.  SEAA or GAA member discounted price: $175.00
  • Farm display stalls may be purchased for a discounted cost of $150.00.  SEAA or GAA member discounted price: $125.00
  • Sponsors and working volunteers will receive priority stalling.
  • Preferential stalling will be based on level of sponsorship, willingness to volunteer with show activities and promptness in registration.