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Hemingway's Ernesto

Are you looking to add fineness to your herd? Do you want color? Then our Hemingway son, Ernesto, is exactly what you are looking for!! Hemingway’s Ernesto hands out the softest fleece to every one of his offspring. Imagine it – extreme softness in an array of colors. Not only does Hemingway’s Ernesto offer this trait to his offspring, his genetic makeup warrants the respect of all in the alpaca world!

Ernesto’s dam is one of the most exceptional moms in the US. Retiring at age 23, NWA Ltd. Maggie has 18 cria on the ground with her last on the way! All of her babies have been amazing, strong, and their fleeces delightful. She is so valued that she has been bred to Hemingway FOUR times. If that doesn’t speak volumes for Hemingway’s Ernesto’s genetics, then there is always HEMINGWAY himself! Certainly we don’t need to go into detail about softness, density, quality, bone structure or the champions Hemingway has brought to the alpaca world.

Ernesto has proven himself with some tough competition in some awesome shows. He has had three ribbon winning seasons! As if that’s not enough, Ernesto himself hosted a 22.6 micron at 3.5 years old! What is more important though, are the cria that he produces! Beginning his breeding career at age 2, Ernesto has given us some of the FINEST and most regal cria with exceptional bone structure we have seen! All of his offspring have had a micron count of 17 OR BETTER!! We are so excited to see what he brings us and we have never been disappointed.

Use Hemingway’s Ernesto if you are looking to improve fineness, confirmation, and bone structure or add quality genetics to your herd!

Owned By: My Sweet Alpaca
8771 County Road 67
Langston, AL 35755


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