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Accoyo America Apocalypse

As an impressive, nationally recognized, elite herdsire, Apocalypse has proven himself with an almost unmatched record spanning not only recognized and proven EPDs, but show winnings, and progeny that follow in his footsteps.  He is one of a few elite herdsires that are proven lingering fine, with perfect conformation, density, and a beautifully organized crimp that have been confirmed in both the show ring and through 70% accuracy level EPDs.

Now in North Georgia at Apple Mountain Alpacas.


Some focus on pedigree and show winnings.  Apocalypse is a national champion. Both his elite fleece and perfect conformation have been validated in the show ring, placing above herdsires like Snowmass Matrix (2004 Futurity).  Apocalypse is son of Accoyo America Nautilus, and big brother to herdsires like Mahatma and Road Warrior. His elite genetics are built on the foundation of Hemingway and Accoyo Sicuani, with a 3/4 Accoyo and 1/4 Hemingway pedigree (making him an elite HemiAccoyo).

Some focus on histograms.  Apocalypse had a 15.2 micron fleece in year 1, and only a 21.5 micron fleece in year 8.  That's the kind of lingering fineness everyone should be breeding for.
Some focus on progeny testing.  Apocalypse is not only a multiple champion, but he has sired champion offspring.  He has over 70 offspring, with an average AFD of 19.5 at 6 years.  A couple years ago, Apocalypse offspring made up 25% of the top 100 male and female EPDs sorted by AFD and AFW. In 2015, 4 Apocalypse sons are ranked in the top 50 EPD Huacaya males for fineness.
Livestock Breeding Experts Recommend EPDs.  Experts will tell you that when breeding for genetic improvement, the most predictable improvement is achieved through study of EPDs that evaluate genetics in ancestors, siblings, and offspring while statistically eliminating the environmental factors. Apocalypse is in the top 2% for fineness, spin fineness, and curvature.  He's in the top 3% for %>30, top 4% for standard deviation, and top 7% for FW (which is awesome given his top ranking AFD).  ACCURACY IS WHERE HE EXCELS @ 70%. While individual traits are important, we breed for a combination of traits.  Apocalypse is one of the top 10 herdsires, East of the Mississippi, for fineness and density as proven by EPDs (based on top 150 AFD, sorted by AFW). He is one of just a few with his elite EPDs proven with high accuracy.


Apocalypse is one of the most prepotent offspring of PCA Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus. Starting out with a multiple championship show career Apocalypse has produced significant results as a herdsire.
His offspring have great conformation, full fleece coverage with beautiful heads that always do great in the top white and light classes. In addition to proven EPD's, Apocalypse has had many Get of Sire wins frequently placing ahead of more well know names such as Barnabus and Elite Maximus.
By any measure he is an impressive and unique herdsire. Based on EPDs, progeny, pedigree, and measurable traits, we know he'll improve just about any white female alpaca... but he also has a proven track record producing color.


More Info:

Owned By: Apple Mountain Alpacas
357 Birchwood Dr.
Clarkesville, GA 30523


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