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Wake Robin Alpacas

Exceptional breeding. Exceptional fiber. Wake Robin alpacas are bred for the continual improvement of the herd. We believe that not only the studs should be outstanding, but the breeding females should be as well. Our alpacas have impressive bloodlines, conformation, temperament, and fiber. We followed the advice of an alpaca mentor by buying the best we could afford. When you start with high quality, you produce high quality. Phenotype plays an equal role with genotype on our farm. Not only do our alpacas look good on their pedigree, they look good standing in our pasture! We are striving for micron counts less than 18, heavy fleece weights, and beautiful, functional conformation. Our alpaca moms are very attentive to their little ones and produce rich milk.

As pharmacists, we decided to name our farm and crias for medicinal herbs and flowers. Wake Robin is the common name for the trillium, a wildflower that grows in this area. It blooms in the spring; therefore, it "wakes the robins". The wake robin plant has three petals, three leaves, and three sepals. Thus, it is symbolic of the Trinity. Medicinally, Wake Robin is used to stop hemorrhaging during birth and is also called Birth Root. We think Wake Robin is a very appropriate name for an alpaca maternity ward.

Our farm is nestled in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains about fifty miles west of Atlanta, GA, off I-20. We welcome you to schedule a visit to our farm to meet our lovely alpaca family. Come see the difference that good breeding makes!

With the purchase of Wake Robin alpaca breeder stock, you receive:

* Free delivery anywhere in the continental US
* Answers to questions with a phone call or email
* One additional free breeding to one of our herdsires for a pregnant female
* Two free breedings to one of our herdsires for a maiden female
* Optional Financing
* A 2.5% discount on purchase of more than one alpaca as a package
* A 5% cash discount
* A complimentary bag of feed
* An alpaca care book
* Advanced notice of our upcoming continuing education seminars
* A lifetime 10% discount in our farm store