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Tuscany Valley Alpacas, LLC

Tuscany Valley Alpacas, established in 2005, is located in the rolling hills of southern Virginia midway between Richmond and Raleigh, NC.

COULDA, SHOULDA WOULDA? We COULD have retired from the alpaca business as we suggested we were doing. We SHOULD have retired from the alpaca business (did we say that?), but the pangs of regret began to build as more and more of our alpacas where sold and left our farm. We WOULD have retired but ultimately the thought of an empty barn and life in the city made us realize we SHOULD NOT be without these wonderful animals that have given us so much, and have meant so much to us over the years. SO HERE’S THE PLAN FOLKS----- We are still in business! First order of business….purchase back a share of Ringo Cloud……DONE.

Moving forward, we will be focus our endeavors in a new direction. We will be co-owners in the new “Alpaca Breeding Company”. Watch as this new company evolves over the next few months.

Tuscany Valley Alpacas will remain as is. Our commitment to sound, quality genetics will continue to blossom over years to come. We will be much more selective and much more focused on long term goals that will benefit the alpaca industry as a whole.

Herd Sires

A.L. Paca's Whirlpool

Owned By: Tuscany Valley Alpacas, LLC • Baskerville, VA

A.L. Paca's Whirlpool Galaxy has a very advanced white fleece typical of the Sheer Galaxy line: dense, soft, bright, tightly crimped. This boy will take your breeding program to the top.

Ringo Cloud

Owned By: Tuscany Valley Alpacas, LLC • Baskerville, VA

2 Judge’s Choice Awards and 22 CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Congratulations to Alpaca of the Alleghenies for their purchase of our 1/2 interest in Ringo Cloud.

IF Santiago

Owned By: Tuscany Valley Alpacas, LLC • Baskerville, VA

When you see Santiago, the first thing you notice is his beautiful head with short muzzle, correct ear set and shape. The eye is then drawn to his balanced frame supported by a set of legs even a runway model would appreciate.