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Pecan Lane Farm

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best animals and support available at a reasonable cost. We believe that having just started out we are better able to recognize the support needed by new farms. We had little experience in the raising of herd animals or the kind of facilities required therefore we are gradually building the facilities required to support our Alpacas and are willing to share our experience and knowledge with our customers.

We are located about 20 miles North of Huntsville Alabama in Taft, Tennessee, on about 39 Acres of gently rolling land. We purchased our farm in the spring of 2003.

Over the past 7 years we have worked to increase our herd's gentic diversity by breeding our original 3 females to herd sires at farms in North Georgia and Northern Ohio. Since our original herd sire (pictured to the right) is the grandson of Peruvian Legacy ("the million dollar alpaca"). We now have multiple blue ribbon blood lines represented by the animals in our herd. Becaue of this diversity we understand the multitude of breeding decisions and have experienced great offspring from the pairing but also understand somewhat why other pairing didn't give us what we expeced. We always remember that genetics is a gamble so you try by using the best genetics available and then when the cria is born it is like getting a SURPRISE christmas present.

Our herd's genetics include Phar-on-line. HDF Merlin, 6Peruvian Legacy, Snowmass lightning locks, Accoyo Brutus, and Ari all of which are blue ribbon winners in various years at various shows.