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Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch

At Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch we strive to preserve the health of our animals with a continual focus on quality. Our husbandry practices, feed, supplies and other needs are developed in consultation with our veterinarian, agricultural management company, feed specialists and of course, other breeders. We work with our animals enough to know their personalities and general appearances so that we can prevent before there is a need to treat.
Water tests, annual soil tests and hay analysis combined with quality grain and supplements help us know the nutrient levels we are feeding. We compare what we provide with their blood work to determine actual value and absorption of the alpaca.
Weights, body score, histograms and observation of behaviors are routine at Golden Spirit. This also allows us to handle the animals enough so that they can be led easier when there is a need.

Our "huggable investments" are fun to watch and even more fun when we are involved in their antics. Play time gives them a chance to "work off" their energy and it gives us a chance to emotionally relax after our day of work.

Herd Sires

The Aga Khan

Owned By: Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch • Odessa, FL

Look across the pasture at the presence of The Aga Khan and you will stop in your tracks, knowing why you want to make him your girls’ stud. He is one of the well-known males in the industry and continues to leave his mark.

Brilliance of Peru

Owned By: Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch • Odessa, FL

Brilliance "struts his stuff" and promises to pass his genetics to his offspring - including his perfect conformation and incredible fiber.

Rough N Ready

Owned By: Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch • Odessa, FL

This boy is ready to start his breeding career in our “Golden Sires of Desire™" breeding program! Rough N Ready holds the characteristics we covet in a male – unbelievable presence, conformation, fleece and personality.